Popularly known as Europe’s crop, the region of Murcia is famous for the quality of the fruit and vegetables they produce and it shows in the food specialties. If you visit the region make sure you try the 5 best tapas from Murcia.

The 5 best tapas from Murcia you must try if you visit

1. The most expensive tapa from Murcia: Pulpo al horno or slow roaster octopus.

While you can find octopus all over Spain, every region has its ways to cook it. In Murcia it is slow roasted in the oven with white wine, beer, brandy, bay and spices.

It is chopped and sold by the piece and it is delicious and super tender.

Tapas Murcia Pulpo Octopus
Tapas Murcia / Pulpo / Octopus / www.directoalpaladar.com

2. Marinera

A Spanish classic with a Murcia twist. A marinera is russian salad (Tuna, veggies and mayo) served on top of some sort of cracker (Called rosquilla) with an anchovy on top of it.

If you do not like anchovies, order a “bicicleta”, is a marinera without it.

Tapas Murcia Marinera
Tapas Murcia / Marinera / www.directoalpaladar.com

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3. Caballitos or deep fried king prawns

A Murcian classic loved by adults and kids alike. A Caballito is a deep fried prawn in some sort of tempura made with flour and beer.

Simple yet delicious!

Caballitos food spain
Tapas Murcia / Caballitos / www.directoalpaladar.com

4. Zarangollo, a tapa from Murcia with no translation

This very popular tapa is not only eaten in bars but also a part of the usuals in any Murcian household.

It is a mix of onions, courgettes and sometimes potatoes mixed with scrambled eggs. Sounds simple but it is delicious.

tapas murcia zarangollo
Tapas Murcia / Zarangollo / www.directoalpaladar.com

5. Magra frita con tomate, the most meaty of the tapas from Murcia

One of our all time favorites. The recipe might change a little depending on the house but the one we love has pieces of pork tenderloin cooked with long green peppers, aubergine and tomato.

You will find it in every bar in Murcia.

Magra frita foods Spain
Tapas Murcia / Zarangollo / www.directoalpaladar.com

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