The Spanish village of Olite has remained so true to its origins your first thought upon arrival will be that you have just travelled back in time. And for a full medieval immersion you might decide to treat yourself to a stay at the Parador de Olite, a part of the Castle that has been converted into an hotel.

Parador de Olite Navarra
Parador de Olite , Navarra /

Parador de Olite, Navarra. A place where it is possible to travel to the past

Parador de Olite. A unique experience in Navarra

This peculiar hotel is one of the most peculiar places you will get to stay in Spain. The overall look and feel has changed very little since it was used by the Catholic Kings and Queens and it will transport you directly to the Spanish court.

parador de olite
Parador de Olite / Mark Hillary / Flickr /

The rooms at the Parador de Olite

The hotel is home to medieval treasures. All the rooms are still decorated with glass windows, antiques and other characteristic medieval features such as full knights’ armours.

Parador de Olite Navarre
Where to stay in Olite /

The rooms either face the main square of the village or the surrounding crops.

Royal Palace Navarra
Royal Castle, Navarra /

It is magical yet slightly creepy, like we imagine life was back in the medieval days.

The restaurant

The best part of course will be the fact that there is no better way to end a long day of walking around the castle than attending a banquet.

Or, to put it differently, to dine in the stunning restaurant and feast on the local Navarran specialities that happen to be of the best cuisines in Spain. 

If you need inspiration check the typical foods from Navarre not to miss in this post.

Royal Palace Navarra
Inside the hotel /

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