The beaches in Cabo de Gata are wild, virgin and they remain true to how they were. Visiting any of them will be a beautiful experience, but if there is one you can not miss that is Playa de Monsul beach.

Playa de Monsul. The most famous of the Cabo de Gata beaches

Playa de Monsul beach
Monsul beach or Playa de Monsul / Wildfox / Pixabay

Playa de Monsul

Monsul beach is one of the nicest and most famous beaches of the area and a great testimony to the volcanic origins of the Cape. Its main feature is the tremendous rock that resembles a wave getting back into the sea and the close-by dunes with some spectacular panoramic views of the beach.

Where to stay near Monsul beach?

The closest village is San Jose, one of the biggest villages in Cabo de Gata and our favourite to stay in. Next time we go we are planning to check out this hotel for a stay with epic views and on a budget. 

Playa de Monsul in movies

It has been the backdrop to some epic films like Indiana Jones and the Last Cruzade.

Playa de Monsul beach Indiana Jones
Monsul beach in Indiana Jones and the last cruzade / Paramount

Useful information about the beach

  • The sand is fine and golden.
  • It is accessible via bus from San Jose.
  • Easy access, a short walk from the parking area.
  • No services, make sure you bring all the food and drinks you will need.
  • There is paid parking but with limited capacity. Please note in summer it gets full up early.
How to get to Cabo de Gata from Almeria bus
The Cabo de Gata Guide

The ultimate guide to enjoy Cabo de Gata like a local.


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